The Victor

Apparently, I’m a Victor.

The first image that comes to my mind when I think of the word ‘victorious’ is that of the Iron Throne (for the uninitiated, HBO’s Game of Thrones is based on a battle for the true heir to the Iron Throne—the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms). But, as much power as the Iron Throne commands, it can also prove to be perilous and deadly.

Turns out, that’s exactly who a Victor is. A combination of Prestige and Power.

The Victor can use confidence, leadership, and strong decision-making skills to motivate, influence, and attract others. But a step in the wrong direction, like putting in energy to repeat the same process over and over, and the Victor might never reach their full potential.

As part of my homework for the digital marketing class I’m taking, I was asked to take the Fascination Advantage Test created by NY Times and WSJ best-selling author, Sally Hogshead.

It’s a test that tells you what aspects of your personality fascinate the people you encounter, and which of these qualities you should use to your advantage to develop your personal brand.

Initially, I was very skeptical about the test because almost every test I take online gives me highly inaccurate results (my taste in desserts does not make me 48 years old, Buzzfeed!!).

And then, my skepticism reached a new height when my results were calculated: my Primary advantage is Prestige; my Secondary advantage is Power; and the combination of the two results in my Archetype— the Victor.

I’m down with a cold, possibly fever, and probably on my way to developing a cough. I’ve spent the day in bed, alternating between sipping on tea and soup. I’m spending Saturday night doing homework. NOTHING about my situation makes me feel powerful or prestigious. And I’m sure my roommate who saw me shuffling about in my pyjamas all day was not fascinated by my victorious bearing.

So, blame it on my overexposure to online personality-revealing-tests or the fact that my incessant sneezing had me feeling anything but victorious, but my initial impression of the test was that it didn’t feel true.

But, moving past the nomenclature of my archetype, as I read through the test report, things actually started to connect. This was a test about how the world sees me, not how I see myself. In fact, the description of my archetype stated that I needed to be more aware of how people perceive me, instead of being too engrossed in my own goals and ideas.

According to the fascination test, my archetype can be described as respected, competitive, results-oriented, concentrated, and exemplary.


Some of these traits felt true almost immediately. I am extremely detail-oriented. I spend unhealthy amounts of time editing my pictures before posting them on Instagram— they have to have the most appealing filter, just the right amount of exposure, and a caption that stays true to both the picture, and to my identity. And I make sure that my cooking is perfectly balanced with the flavors that my tastebuds appreciate. I simply can’t make do with whatever’s conveniently available; I go out of my way to procure that one missing ingredient that will ever-so-slightly enhance the flavour. And, consistent with my Prestige advantage, I place the same level of expectations on others.

I’m also ambitious and goal-oriented. In 2012, I knew I wanted to move to New York once I was done with my undergraduate degree. In fact, I knew the exact course I wanted to enroll in— NYU’s MA in Media, Culture, and Communication. I worked towards achieving this goal for two years, and in 2015, I moved to NYC as an MA MCC candidate.

I also have the patience to go after what I want, and not lose focus. But if it’s something that doesn’t interest me, I’m likely to put in half-baked efforts until I lose focus altogether.


My Power advantage is also correct in that I enjoy leading projects and groups.

I use a direct method of communication, and my friends always tell me that when it comes to expressing my opinion, I’m very quick, and sometimes blunt. And once I make a decision, I make sure I stick to it.

My Dormant advantage, Trust, tells me that I get bored of monotony very easily, and I appreciate variety. This is also completely true.

All in all, I eventually found this test helpful in revealing certain qualities about me. The idea of using the traits that others find attractive in me definitely gives me an edge when I have to pitch an idea, give an interview, or make a presentation.

According to Sally Hogshead, human beings now have an attention span of 8 seconds— less than that of a goldfish. So it becomes even more important to market yourself in a way that you quickly grab attention. I hope to use the Fascination Test to market myself better as a brand by using my Prestige and Power advantages.

Other takeaways I got from this test were to be more attentive to other people, and to not expect immediate commitments from others. I also learnt not to engage in tasks that require repetition, but instead look for opportunities that will let me undertake a variety of  tasks that pique my interest.

P.S: Influencers like Princess Diana and James Bond use Prestige, while Arianna Huffington and Mark Zuckerberg use the Power advantage, so I think I’m in good hands!

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