5 Tips to Help You Succeed at Marketing

Long gone are the days when, as David Meerman Scott says in The New Rules of Marketing and PR (52), the marketing people were those who simply worked at the sidelined T-shirt department of the company. Digital marketing is now essential in generating and maximizing revenues. This includes building a strong online presence, effective social media communication with customers, and digital branding.

But it’s never possible for anyone to know everything about the world of digital marketing, because it is always evolving and constantly innovating. However, there are a few things that should always be remembered by brands, companies, and organizations in order to succeed at marketing.

#1 Emails are still useful.

Image credit: makdigitaldesign.com

In an environment inundated with countless tools like Snapchat, Facebook, virtual reality, and augmented reality, it’s sometimes easy to forget about good old email. This is a mistake. Email doesn’t just coexist with the other platforms, it outperforms them. It’s the most effective marketing tactic, and also the easiest. Email also has a Return On Investment rate that is 4 times more than social media, direct mail, or paid search.

#2 Be Omnipresent.


If that sounds overwhelming, that’s because it can be. In the world of instant communication, one angry tweet about your brand can lead to a worldwide trend within minutes, which can further lead to a damaged reputation for your company. It’s essential to respond in real time to the customers, not just to assuage them, but to show a real-time presence to the numerous other users visiting your company’s social media profiles.

It’s ridiculous how many prominent companies forget to review their material before making it public. Case in point: Bloomingdales. Sometimes such crises are unavoidable, but mostly, they’re not. Before releasing a new photo spread or ad campaign, go through it to see to check if there’s anything in it that is offensive.

#3 Take Advantage of Paid Media.


While advertisements in legacy media like print, television, and radio can be effective, they’re also really expensive. If you want your brand to reach customers, get the word out there using paid digital media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Not only are these less expensive, they can also be more innovative and engaging. Advertising on digital platforms is also more cost-effective, because it’s easier to target specific customer groups, to measure its reach, and to do real-time analysis. Take advantage of all thats offered to you in the digital world of advertising!

#4 It All Comes Down to the User Experience.

Image credit: bostoninteractive.com

Your website is the best avenue to educate both existing and potential customers about your brand. Your aim should be to convince your website’s visitors to buy your product. Content should be crisp, interesting, and tied-in to your brand’s personality. In a fast-paced world where the average human attention span is less than that of a goldfish’s (8 seconds), it’s important to have engaging content. Keep it simple, but use specific targeted keywords (to ensure that the message gets across to skimmers and also to improve SEO). Make your website responsive, easy to navigate, and don’t clutter it with too much information that the customer wouldn’t want or need. Make sure that it’s mobile first, so that users can access information quickly on their smartphones. Most importantly, design it keeping  the user in mind.

#5 Big Data is Big, but.. 

Image credit: baynote.com

Keep in mind that there’s a world outside the digital as well. Big data analysis is important in narrowing down your target market and getting to know your customer. But over-dependence on analyzing the data collected solely from digital sources can be wasteful, and even worse, can annoy potential customers. So, use it as a tool, but not as the sole basis of your marketing strategy. The digital arena is crucial, but don’t forget that, for the most part, the world is still physical.


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