Why Mermaid Oyster Bar is One of My Favorite NYC Restaurants

Happy hour oysters, vodka-oyster shooters, and a fortune-teling fish… if any of these catch your fancy, you’ll find that Mermaid Oyster Bar in Greenwich Village, New York, is a pearl among oyster restaurants.

My first experience at Mermaid Oyster Bar was entirely serendipitous. I was new to the city, and wasn’t aware of The Mermaid Inn’s Upper West Side and East Village locations. My roommate was craving oysters, and so, we google-mapped our way into this surprisingly roomy (by NYC standards), yet charming establishment located on the decidedly less-commercial part of MacDougal Street. I walked in during happy hour, and left even happier. Since then, Mermaid Oyster Bar has found a permanent place on my restaurant rotation.


{Happy Hour oysters; picture credit: @butterchique}


{Mermaid Marys}

On Mondays, weekday evenings, and weekends, Mermaid Oyster Bar has an incredible happy hour, which consists of oysters (chef’s choice) by the dollar, an array of appetizers, and $8 cocktails. The servers and hosts have always been warm and friendly, and I have rarely been disappointed by my orders here. I’ve frequented this spot enough to discover my favorites on their menu, and I usually stick to these tried and tested bites. If I’m being completely honest, I’ll admit I have yet to discover a better tuna crudo in the city, or a better oyster deal. However, dishes that I was not impressed with include the Shrimp Corndog and the Fish Taco.


{Watermelon Gazpacho; picture credit: @butterchique}


{Wrapping up the meal on a sweet note, along with the fortune telling fish}

Here are my recommendations:

Cocktails: Mermaid Mary; Dark & Stormy

Appetizers: Tuna Crudo; Mini Clam Chowder; Watermelon Gazpacho

Oysters: Keep it simple with happy hour oysters, or go big with the Baby Grand Platter

Mermaid Oyster Bar will also top off your meal with a delectable dark chocolate mousse as well as a fortune telling fish, according to which I am always either in love or jealous. If you love oysters and are willing to take the fish’s credibility with a pinch of salt, this is the place for you!

{Follow me on Instagram @butterchique as I navigate NYC one bite at a time}

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